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A hajnövekedés gyorsítása

Accelerate hair growth

Your hair only needs basic things to be long and...
by Peter Juhaszon February 10, 2020
Hogyan készítik az olcsó szálirányos hajakat?

How do cheap fibre-controlled hair sits?

Did you know there's a difference between matching threaded hairs?

Not! I'm not thinking about being straight, wavy and curly! :)

Interestingly, among the threaded hairs, they are also very cheap and normal priced.

But what makes cheaper hair?

by Peter Juhaszon February 06, 2020
(Póthaj) Rendeléseid nyomon követése

(Replacement hair) Follow-up to your orders

We'd like to introduce you to a very useful mobile app where you can simply follow up on all the shipping information you have on your online order.
by Peter Juhaszon January 28, 2020
Amit a póthajakról és a hajhosszabbításról tudni akartál

What you wanted to know about hair extensions and extensions

Exactly what long hair means, it changes from culture to culture. In the case of a woman, the length of hair to the chin is still short, but in the case of a man, the length of hair is long enough.

In many species, healthy, long fur or fur is an expression of fertility and youth.


by Peter Juhaszon January 26, 2020
Póthajak tonnái, de honnan és hogyan ekkora mennyiségben?

Tons of spare hair, but where and how in such quantities?


many of you know, in the world - and also in our country - they prefer to sell the different hairs for European or Hungarian hair. In addition, there are countless Imaginativename may be found, but the fact is that 99% of the spare hair comes from India and the surrounding countries.

H(a) the starting points of India and China, how can you still encounter so many types of substitute hair? (European, Brazilian, Russian, etc.)


by Peter Juhaszon January 26, 2020
Hogyan kell póthajat tincsezni? Útmutató lépésről-lépésre

How to do extensions? Step-by-step guidance

What's the use of paying attention to hair extensions?

How to work waste-free

What's a usable hair extender supposed to look like?

What's the difference between braids made for heat fitting and rings?

Why do you have to flick the extensions a few times after you cut them off?

You'll find all these answers if you read this educational material.

by Peter Juhaszon November 18, 2019