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Process of heat-fitting hair extension

by Peter Juhasz on December 01, 2016

You can choose the right structure for each purchase of extra hair in our webshop.

The other big issue is usually the length of the spare hair. Most people put on 50 cm and 60cm extra hair, which are up to the centre-back or waist. In extreme cases, they also carry 70 cm of hair. If you want to see about how long the certain spare hair lengths are worth, Click you can see our finished work. In addition to each image, you'll find the length and color of the hair.

So after you've chosen the perfect spare hair for you, here's the choice of a specialist. It is important to choose a hair extension cord that guarantees your work. What you should consider:

  1. reference work (already completed, photo-documented hair extensions)
  2. recommendations (what are the feedbacks?)
  3. background (bet on your own apartment or in a shop where the right tools are available)
  4. account ability (if you do not receive an invoice, how do you validate the warranty???)

Process of heat-fitting hair extension

I've got the spare hair and the specialist who puts it on. (preferably an iHair specialist)

The most common hair extension technique is heat-fitting hair extension, this is what we'll show. We also prefer this technique because it does not damage your own hair and let the scalp breathe, it can be prepared undetected and this is the most convenient type of spare hair to wear.

If you've had your hair up stairs, we'll remove it one by one. Taking off is a time-consuming process, because it is necessary to very carefully separate the extra hair from your own hair. Taking down usually takes 1-2 hours. The picked extra hair can be reused, so if you want, re-snap it with crystal keratin and prepare it for new boli. When you're done taking off, your own hair will be thoroughly washed and your scalp refreshed with a massage. You can ask for a hair reconstruction before putting on hair, this is a more suitable hair regenerative course, which allows you to fill up poor quality, dry and fragmented hair with nutrients and make it brilliant again.

The hair extension is always made from bottom to bottom per line. The lines are separated with engineering precision to achieve the most natural outcome possible. We usually work together, so you can move much faster. We put on an average of 150 bucks of hair, and it'll be ready in an hour.

When the hair is applied, cut and curl or iron if desired. Available with us hair extension packages includes free cutting and curling and ironing.

If you also want hair extensions, contact us by phone (06 30 99 345 39) or Facebook!


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