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Care of extensions

by Peter Juhasz on March 03, 2017

If you wear extensions, here are some tips to keep them nice and healthy for a long time:


  • Wash, condition and hydrate your hair every two or three days. The extensions aren't capable of self-reflection like our own hair, so they require a lot more care and care. If you don't take care of your hair extensions, it'll break. I suggest you get a good moisturizer along with the extensions.
  • It is forbidden to comb extensions with water, because human hair is most vulnerable when wet.
  • Treat the extensions very carefully. It won't grow back if you rip it out with a comb, burn it with your hair irons, or ruin it using chemicals.
  • Always comb your hair before you wash and fall asleep. From the bottom up, be careful with the comb so you don't leave any knots.
  • Between the two refurbishments, wash your own hair thoroughly so that the newly installed hairs do not fall.
  • After you wash your hair, put a peanut on your dry hair. iHair argan oil


What happens now?

We'll remove the hair extensions every six to ten weeks and put them back on. During this time, your own hair grows two to three centimeters, which is why you need to reattach your hair.


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