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What you wanted to know about hair extensions and extensions

by Peter Juhasz on January 26, 2020

Human hair grows slowly, its quality and care reflects its wearer's personality and grooming potential as well as its reproductive potential (this is most likely to be significant among young people). In contrast, the East African Masai in culture, women are considered attractive with short hair or baldness.

Measure hair length in centimetres from the top of the head (from the highest point of the head) towards the back to the end of the hair. The average person's hair will be shoulder-length in two years and the maximum length that he would normally reach would be between 70 and 80 centimeters.

Of course, not everyone wants to wait years to have shoulder-length or waist-length hair, so I suggest they do the hair extensions as a method. Hair extensions can be done with several techniques that I will try to show you below.

Today, we have a wide range of hair extensions in the market, but for simplicity we deal with the two main applications: hair extensions per lock and hair stitching.

Hair extensions per hair

During Hair Extensions, Hair Extensions (about 120-150 strands) are attached to their own hair. Several methods are used for this technique, usually keratinous by heat fitting or micro-threadingbut do they use glue and yes. the one who knots the hair. These methods usually work by coating foreign material (excluding knotting). The two most commonly used procedures are keratinos heat fitting and the microwave ring.

The keratin of heat fitting at the time of exposure to heat (150-180 celsius) molten keratin-based adhesive-coated strands are attached to their hair. In the past, the most common solution was the rod resin solution, but today it was replaced by the crystal keratinwhich is less damaging to our own hair and easier to remove. In addition, hair put up with crystal meth is not falling"thus avoiding the loss of precious locks. With crystal meth fit hair extensions are comfortable and feel like they belong to us almost immediately after we put them on.

Hair extensions with a micro ring are simpler and do not expose your hair to high heat. The locks are attached to their own hair using an aluminum ring. There's more than one in the Rings. There's threaded and silicone. The threaded micro ring not easily, but it can damage our hair if it is not fitted by a professional. We recommend more silicone micro ring its use, which is equally effective, but less risk of damage.

It is important to note that heat-jointedmaximum 180 during hair extensions celiusa degree of heat does not damage the hair, so we can choose without any fear!

Good hair, bad hair – what's the significance?

With a variety of hair extensions (European, Indian, Asian, etc.).) and there are many fitting methods on the market, but the only thing that matters is quality of hair extensions. If the quality is inadequate, our hair extensions will be ugly and short-lived.

Cheap-anything synthetic

Buy synthetic hair if you want to look like you've got a shredded plastic bag stuck to your head. Synthetic basically means plastic and usually worn by 20-centimeter-tall plastic ladies. (They're called Barbies) Asynthetic hair equals a large with dreadlocksbut that's another story…

Good-dyed hair

This hair is mostly from China, found in darker and lighter shades on the market. Some of them are not quite straight, as if they were naturally wavy. The dyed hair most often used for hair extensions. It looks good, it can be worn for up to three to six months, as long as it is properly cared for and taken care of. It is very important to buy hair remyso it's a straight line.

When buying dyed hair it is important to choose the right color hair extensions because the color of dyed hair cannot be changed due to chemical treatments. Many people choose from the colors shown on the monitor, which has disappointed me in several cases. I suggest you ask the seller for an exact color code when purchasing a pre-dyed hair extensions.

If highlights I bought a hair dye Garnier Color Naturals (Garnier Color Naturals). Tressel the colour of the braids should match the colour of the hair.

The best-raw / virgin hair

Now that I've made you feel like buying your hair, let's see what the which is why you should put raw hair first when you're thinking about buying hair extensions.

The most sought-after hair type is the European hair"these beautiful and healthy pigtails are very difficult to obtain because they can only be obtained in bulk in good quality. Our partners choose only the soft and healthy pigtails from young ladies so that we can guarantee the quality of our hair extensions in the long run.

Several tonnes of hair are exported from India each month to many parts of the world. The hindu religion followers per day for 1 ton of hair to invest in India's largest temple. The genetic material of the Indian people is very similar to that of the European people, so they also have thin and thick-fibrestraight, wavy and curly hair. That's special privilege to the Hindu temples monks of the hair from the influent amounts to support the church and their flock, resulting in a so-called win-win an agreement between them and the global hair processing industry. They offer high-quality, unpainted (not many people in India use chemicals to nurse their hair), fresh cut, long-lasting hair, in exchange for a sufficient amount of money to support the church.

The other (smaller) source is Brazil, where the pigtails collected (purchased) in the poorer areas are largely sold to the United States (as it is close and the target market is huge). We don't often see this hair in Europe because they don't export as much as they do from India and the US market. It is worth looking for Spanish hair on the market because many Spanish traders sell Brazilian hair " Spanish”- nak"so European Small and wholesalers will pass it on to Spain.

There's a reason I left Asian hair last, because it's the hair type they're most rarely looking for as a hair substitute, but the more people wear it without their knowledge. Here in Hungary, the Asian hair cult and the established morale underestimate this excellent raw material.

Where does this fatal misunderstanding come from? The answer is simple: from China. The hair extensions weren't this Hot 10, 20 years ago, but the wig was. Many Chinese industrialists are still single-use wigs and like always they were the first to discover the business potential of hair extensions. So they started pouring it on the market well common reverse hair direction and synthetic hair as hair extensions material. This poor quality hair extensions were, of course, sold as “Asian” hair by Hungarian traders. With this, customers have pigeonholed hair extensions marked “Asian” as a low-grade material.

Today, these are non-remy hair is becoming increasingly scarce in the market, but it is good to get hair extensions from a reliable place. Choose a hair shop where they guarantee hair extensions.

Hair stitching

A Tressel there are two ways to match hair to your own hair. With a haircut or buckles. It used to be Tressel rows are usually sewn on our own hair, which can be placed on a row from our own hair with a needle and thread. The other, cheaper, faster, more comfortable and hygienic solution is the use of buckle extensions. The buckles are nothing new,but they're beginning to spread, and they're starting to squeeze out the traditional braids.

Tressel hair-hand or machine Tressel?

What is a stress? A Tres string prepared hair extensions are attached to thread at the base and are free to hang in a row. A tresses they may be either by hand or by machine thrashed. Both pressure solution is just as good! In fact, the hand Tresseltresses finally, with a machine they quit. sew so they don't fall. So we can say they use machines for both solutions.

With the machine Tressel lines can usually be bought in a long line, then cut to size and sew again to avoid falling.

With the hand Tressel rows are prepared according to pre-defined dimensions, individually crafted Tressor lengths. This operation is carried out by hair-processing professionals and wig makers they can do it.

How am I gonna look after hair extensions?

A well-prepared and properly fitted hair extensions can bring great happiness to the wearer. People notice you because your hair is one of the defining elements of your appearance.

If you wear hair extensions, behold some tips to keep it nice and healthy for a long time:

1. Wash, conditioner and moisturize your hair every 2-3 days. Hair extensions are not capable of self-fat so like our own hair, it requires much more care and care. If you don't take care of your hair extensions, it'll break. I suggest you get a good moisturizer along with your hair extensions.
2. Handle the hair extensions very carefully. It won't grow back if you rip it out with the comb, burn it with the curling iron, or destroy it using chemicals. Be careful with them. - a lot. money is high quality hair extensions, don't be an enemy of your own wallet.
3. Always comb your hair before washing and falling asleep. Bottom to top, tread carefully with your comb, making it easier and not leaving any lumps.
4. Between putting it on, wash your own hair thoroughly and let me rest for a few days. It is worth washing and waiting for at least two days to load immediately after it is removed.

What happens next?

Your hair extensions will be removed every six to ten weeks and put back on. During this time, your own hair grows 4-6 centimeters, so you need to reattach your hair.


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