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Accelerate hair growth

by Peter Juhasz on February 10, 2020

Your hair only needs basic things to be long and healthy.

In the following article, we'll go over the "little things" that work together the hair  not only will you be healthy and strong, but amazingly will grow fast.

What does your hair need for growth?

I will show you the 4 basic practices that, when practiced together (up to 5 minutes a day), your hair will start to grow and grow at an amazing rate.

Strong and long hair is the goal of many, but most people go wrong with growth because they choose an overly complex and expensive solution that takes time.

It's more of a dream than a real plan, and it shouldn't be.

The hair growth techniques listed here have all been tested over the past 2 years, helping more than 300 people get started on hair growth and
I have been personally tracking the hair growth of a few people (including my partner).

I gained a lot of experience from working together and I can say for sure that it can be done with little money and how worth it.

Believe me, what I am going to describe to you here is a well-selected list of best practices, all realistic and workable. You will get a specific plan from me with precise guidance, which if you follow it and execute it honestly, you can be sure of success!

Think of your hair as a sapling.

Planting steps:

  1. soil preparation

  2. pruning of damaged roots

  3. irrigation

  4. nutrition

1. "Soil preparation"

Hair is important to most people. Still, many say that
wash your hair a couple of times a day and pack it up a bit to
be healthy. Healthy hair can be clean and shiny,
but that won't make it rich and long.

The health of your hair begins with your skin.  The two interact with each other. If one does not work properly, it affects the other. If the soil is not good, the plants cannot grow well and grow well.

The condition of the scalp is vital to the quality and life of your hair. However, the longevity of your hair is important if you want to grow it long, so it is essential that you pay more attention to the health of your scalp than usual.

Please now forget all the brain-shrinking shampoo, hair care, hair polish, hair wrap commercials you've seen on TV!

One of the most essential factors for a good scalp health is maintaining a balanced PH. All you need is a PH neutral shampoo, nothing else.

4 easy steps for long hair

You might have read that "planting steps" is a principle that you will easily remember in a year or so. The first and most important step is then to switch to PH neutral shampoo.

I specifically recommend DM's branded product, which is the best value for money on the market. (this is not a promotion)

Image results for "dm ph neutral shampoo"

Many people in Hungary think that beautiful hair is expensive and difficult to access. This is true if one is not careful and does not have the necessary knowledge.

I can assure you that in recent years countless people have managed to grow beautiful and long hair with very little investment!

2. "Pruning of damaged roots"

Your hair bulbs live cyclically, sometimes a little weaker, and sometimes they cling to much stronger. If a little more than usual after a hair wash
you collect hair from the drain and comb, you don't have to despair right away.

That's right.

An average person has about 150,000 hairs on their heads, all of which are attached to their scalp with their own hair follicles.

Each hair follicle in itself forms a unique anatomical unit and grows your hair in different phase cycles. I will not go into this in more detail now, but most importantly, you need nutrients for your hair follicles to grow, and this can be provided primarily by proper blood supply.

You have to cause blood congestion on your scalp!

You can boost your hair bulb's blood supply with a little massage. No need to be scared of your own head, feel free to touch it with a little more determination. What falls out would have fallen without even touching one finger.

Lie down on the couch for a minute, put your feet up and rub your head thoroughly at the base of the hairs. If someone else is doing it for you, it will make you feel more comfortable. The point is, the movements should be definite, cause a little excess blood for yourself!

3. "Irrigation"

It may not be worth a cold shower, but I don't mean it during the irrigation
spray or spray your hair with fresh water every week.

Drink, drink, drink ...
Water shortage  it can manifest itself in almost any form of problem: if we do not drink enough, we may soon notice that we are much tired, unable to concentrate, often have headaches, indigestion, dehydration and itchy skin.

If your body receives less water than it uses, there is not enough fluid available for some functions to function, causing serious damage to organs or even stoppage. Its countless  can be a symptom - one is hair loss.

When your body is thirsty for dehydration, you should have been drinking for a long time. If you need to, set up a reminder for your phone every day every hour and drink 2dl of water.

Hint: Take a 1.5 liter mineral water every morning  and make it your goal to run out by 4pm. Preferably in as many equal parts. It's not a problem if you keep sipping.

effect of water drinking on hair

4. "The Nutrition"

If a person is eating properly, then you do not need a nutritional supplement.

Ideally, vitamin companies would all go bankrupt.

Nonetheless, one of the biggest businesses today is the market for vitamins and other nutritional supplements. This means that people are getting
they are eating poorly. When the body needs something, our brains tell us to start consuming that trace element food immediately. Simply, but not eloquently, I would say "desires".

You will need Biotin to grow your hair faster and healthier.

Biotin-containing foods:

  1. Liver and other meats
  2. yolk
  3. Yeast
  4. Nuts and seeds
  5. Salmon
  6. Dairy products
  7. Avocado
  8. sweet potato
  9. Cauliflower

if you want to read more about the for biotin-containing foods, click here

I know you want a "quick victory", so you want to feel that your efforts are paying off and that you would like to see your hair 20 inches longer tomorrow morning in the mirror.

You have to think long term!

I suggest you take a photo of your hair today and for one year every month.

And drink a lot! :)

If you would like to share your experiences, need some inspiration or have questions about hair growth, join our hair growth Facebook group:

Hair Growth Together

We are waiting for you with much love! :)

I wish you every success in hair growth!


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