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Hair extension

by Peter Juhasz on November 12, 2016

During hair extension, we mean the fitting of your own hair with extra hair (donor hair). We know several ways to lengthen hair, the most used technique is heat joint. During the heat fitting, the base of the spare hair iscrystal keratin) for hair extension. The process itself is painless and does not show the end result, invisible to an outside observer. It is important that the colour and texture of the spare hair are the same as that of your own hair!

hair extension salon

Nowadays, a lot of people wear extra hair without their surroundings knowing. All of our guests can enjoy our services with maximum discretion. We have also the extra hair and hair extension under one roof, you don't have to visit any more companies if you want long hair. Our spare hairs have the highest possible quality, with the same fibrous hairs with different textures up to 40-70 cm in length.

Choosing a length is an important factor for both the expected outcome and the total! It's clear that the longer you want hair, the longer and the weight of extra hair you need. However, these two factors also determine the total amount. A hair extension prices it's designed to be affordable, but we won't let you out of quality! Quality comes first in our country, we won't let you do that!

by Szklenár Klaudia on June 16, 2019


by Frizolia Diana on June 16, 2019

Rengeteg gyönyörű hajválaszték van látszik hogy minőségi hajak és az áruk is megfizethető!?


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