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How do cheap fibre-controlled hair sits?

by Peter Juhasz on February 06, 2020

There are two types of spare hair between matching strands:

cut hair

and fallen hair. (which is not recommended in the long term)

You've learned almost everything about cut hair from our previous articles. The main thing is that the cut hairs are bundled with the hairs that fit best, as they must come from a head, so their texture, thread thickness and color are the same.

The business potential of fallen hairwas quickly recognized in the densely populated megapolis. (The megacity is an agglomeration with a total population of more than ten million people. Wikipedia) In India, there is an industrialist whose men walk the streets every day and collect the hairs left in the comb in huge quantities. These collected hairs are used to thread a special technique to make all hairs in the bundle similar.

In the video below, you can see how cheap fibre-scented hair is made:

In China, many people sell spare hair, wigs and other products made from human hair or artificial hair. Let's turn to manufacturers who make their products out of human hair. The price of real, 100% matching fibre-controlled human hair is rising rapidly, thanks to shrinking sources of supply and increasing demand.

Manufacturers would find it difficult to keep even their quotations posted a quarter of a year earlier if they were to buy genuine pigtails that were constantly rising.

Many of them started to use fallen hair as a substitute hair material, which is an alternative solution. This way they can not only keep their prices (they don't raise prices too often), they can also pocket a much bigger profit without having to lie about the hair. It's safe to say they're selling hair with fibre directional (remy). The only problem is, these fiber-controlled hairs are going to be ruined very soon.

If you buy extra hair, it is also important to have a cut hair from the head, not just the same thread edific!

All the spare hairs available with us are a premium hair cut from the head.

We don't find these artificially threaded hairs, so we're almost certainly not the cheapest hair shop, but what you get with us is quality goods.


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