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Not enough rubber gloves, change me now! Introducing a new, healthy solvent.

by Peter Juhasz on January 14, 2018


The main component of the solvent of commercially available crystalline keratin (heat-melting adhesive) is isopropanolIsopropyl-alcoholWe read a little more about it and found it to have very bad physiological effects, so we decided to develop a healthy solvent.

For many years, we only used alcohol to pick up the hair extensions because we knew it was the only way to remove crystal keratin. But we've been using our own-made solvent for over a month now, and we're not going back to alcohol for any reason.

Our new solvent has no alcohol, no liver damage, no headache, no dizziness, no nausea. Unfortunately, we have sometimes experienced these symptoms (after two to three days off)

Our new solvent has absolutely no negative physiological effects whatsoever. The iHair solvent is antibacterial and fungicidal and has been shown to remove bran and make hair silky and shiny. And crystal keratin makes it beautifully disappear from the extensions and from your own hair.

If you care what it's like healthy iHair solventOrder it and try it yourself.


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