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Spare hair prices

by Peter Juhasz on February 21, 2018

In the beginning, there was not such a competition for buyers. The new market situation has made some changes necessary. Some gave the quality below, some skimmed the profits to provide better prices, and some people were dotted with the supply.

We have not become cheaper and we have not given the quality below, we have tried to offer good prices and widen the range of products from the beginning. We also take the guarantee very seriously, so instead of the usual 14 days off, we offer a 30-day buyback or exchange guarantee.

A spare hair prices depends on only a few factors:

The purchase

We've been ordering our spare hairs from China for over eight years. There are 2-3 reliable collectors from the country who sell to Hungary exclusively for us and about 10 000 people a month. From 500 kilograms of hair, we are always sent the most beautiful cut hair. In summer they can cut a little more, in winter a little less than average, but most importantly they are very good professionals. The hairs thread-directionalonly from one head put together. They could cut off 1 ton of hair a month at a time, but they don't, because they would accumulate a lot, and that would lead to them being forced to sell less fresh hair after a while. This would impair quality and, in the longer term, their business.

The dollar exchange rate evolutiona. In the context of some world-shaking news, I often stick to banking sites and update exchange rate information several times a day. The more valuable the dollar, the more I pay my collectors for the extra hair.

99% of the extra hair used for hair extensions in Europe comes from China and surrounding Asian countries (India, Vietnam). On the one hand, because it is cheaper and on the other hand how many European ladies would have their hair cut off for sale?

A wide variety of hair can be found in the spare hair market. Unfortunately, most are of poor quality, yet it is easy to deceive incompetent resellers. I'm saying it's best for hair raw to buy, and then process it at home. Trespass, bleach, paint and ink. So I can be sure that my wares are of good quality. I can safely recommend the hair that is bleached with reliable technology and is inked with original crystal keratin. Because of this, I dare to guarantee all my products for 30 days.

If you don't bleach or dye your hair yourself, how can you be sure of your quality?

To do this, it is enough to wet the hair, but often it is enough to comb carefully. If it's a little stretchy, it's hard to handle, then the extra hair isn't of good quality, it'll soon break and break back after a few months.

Of course, if you buy the hair after you buy it, you can't find out until after the receipt, which is why it's very important to choose a reliable dealer!

More expensive extra hair does not always mean that the spare hair is of better quality as well. This largely depends on the trader's pricing policy, how many hands the product has gone through by the time it is in your hands, etc.

Our hair comes from the collector directly, freshly cut, hydrated and healthy. You won't find hair of this quality at a better price, I guarantee you!


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