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Valid for 2013. From 27 November to 27 November 2004, the


Privacy statement on the iHair.hu website

The iHair.hu will do everything in its power to protect your personal data. You can also visit most pages on your site without providing any information about yourself. However, in some cases, certain information is required to provide the services requested, the storage and use of which is intended to be described in this document.


To keep your data secure, information that contains iHair.hu personal information is only received or sent using an encrypted data feed. The data feed is encrypted with more than 256-bit encryption keys.

Please read this privacy statement carefully!

Collection of personal data
The iHair.hu website collects only the personal information that you expressly and voluntarily provide to us. Personal information is information that can be used to identify a user. Examples of this information include your name, phone number, and email address. On all iHair.hu websites, you will be given precise information about what information is required to provide the requested product or service. When you submit questions and suggestions, the iHair.hu website asks you to provide your full name, email address, or other contact information, only so that you can be informed if necessary.

Cookies and other web technologies
A cookie is a text file that is placed on your computer's hard disk by the web page server. Cookies are not suitable for running programs, so you can't get a virus on your computer. Each cookie is a unique file for a specific user that can only be read by the site that created it. One of the main goals of cookies is to use the Internet more comfortably and time-saving.
You can accept or reject cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can also reject cookies by changing your browser settings. However, in the latter case, you will not be able to fully enjoy the interactive features of the website you visit. The cookies offered by iHair.hu are used to authenticate your identity and store local settings.

Use of personal data
The iHair.hu uses data for four purposes:

1. With the knowledge of the data, the system can help you find the products, services, or information you are looking for more quickly.
2. Based on your data, iHair.hu can compile and deliver content that meets your users' needs.
3. The customer can be informed about special offers, promotions and the latest iHair.hu services. A notification can be requested at any time and can be cancelled at any time.

Identifyable information collected on this website may be registered and processed by the iHair.hu. By using this website, you agree to have your data processed in this way.

Release of personal data
The iHair.hu site does not sell or rent identifyable information to others.
Unless otherwise provided in this statement, the iHair.hu will not provide you with any personal information you provide on this site without your permission to parties outside your iHair.hu or affiliates.

Legal obligations of iHair
the iHair.hu may disclose your personal data only in cases provided for by law or if you are satisfied in good faith that the information is necessary for:
– the provisions of the relevant legislation so require or are required for legal proceedings relating to the iHair.hu or the site in order to protect the rights or property of the iHair.hu and its websites in the event of an urgent need to protect the rights or property of the iHair.hu and its websites, where it is necessary to protect it personal data of iHair.hu users, websites or the public.

Other sites
Other websites available on the iHair.hu website are not subject to iHair.hu privacy policy. We advise you to also study the privacy statements of other websites that you access in this way so that you can learn about the data collection, use, and data release practices used there. The iHair.hu is not responsible for the privacy statement or other content of websites outside the iHair.hu domain.

Supervision and accessibility of personal data
The iHair.hu site does not provide the personal data provided to others except the cases listed above and will only use it for the purposes described above.
Please note that this privacy statement and the privacy settings set out on this website do not necessarily apply to information you have provided to iHair.hu on other occasions in connection with other products and services.

Request notification
The iHair.hu may periodically send you emails informing you of technical questions related to the requested product or service. Follow the instructions at the end of your mail to block such notifications and delete your personal information from the register.

Protection of personal data
The iHair.hu is designed to ensure that users trust this site's privacy system. The iHair.hu protects users' personal data according to strict principles and acts entirely as they provide iHair.hu. It uses a variety of security technologies and procedures to prevent unauthorized access, use or disclosure of personal data. For example, personal information you provide is stored on restricted access servers in controlled facilities.

Amendment of the declaration
The iHair.hu periodically amends this statement. After you change it, you can also change the change date at the top of the page. If the content of the statement changes or changes the use of data on the iHair.hu's website, the iHair.hu will be able to draw attention to the site in a very visible way or send a direct notification of the change. It is a good idea to re-read the privacy statement on a regular basis and to revisit information about the protection of the personal data collected by iHair.hu, as you will continue to use the service to accept this privacy statement and updates thereto.

Learn more
The iHair.hu welcomes comments on this statement. If you experience at any time that your iHair.hu has not complied with the requirements of this statement, please send them by e-mail or letter and iHair.hu will make every reasonable effort to shed light on the problem you have reported as soon as possible and to remedy it as soon as possible.
You can email us questions about this privacy statement. (info@ihair.hu)