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Trading of extensions

We sell only freshly cut, disinfected, first-class extensions with full guarantees!

The extensions will be delivered in one working day throughout the European Union, where you can buy from a huge stock, without having to stress about the quality of the extensions. If there's a problem with the color or texture of the hair, we'll replace it or buy it back in thirty days.

We collect our replacements with the highest standards from our partners, we dye all our hair, dye it, and then tinkle or prepare it for hair dyeing (stress).

We give special discounts to extenders and hairdressers.

Extra hair prices and colours here

Loss of hair

You dream of long hair, but don't you know how to start growing hair? We will help you and support you day by day. You'll only have to spend five minutes of your hair a day and in a few months you'll experience a significant change, three months you'll be able to expect five to ten inches of hair growth if you come with us.