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Our specialists prepare invisible hair extensions with the highest standards for invisible hair extensions with the most natural effect. We work with state-of-the-art, high-quality materials that do not damage hair at all, preserve its intact and healthy structure. We also offer a full guarantee of the extra hair we have purchased with us and the work we have done. Come to us if you want beautiful and long hair.

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  • The prices indicated include the price of the spare hair.
  • No hidden costs!

The price of hair extensions from hair 50.000 Ft / 100 grams


Loading up to 100 g

30 000 Ft

Inking /100g

9 000 Ft

Downsing /100g

10-20 000 Ft

Take down + Ink + Upto 100g

40 000 Ft

Extra hair Color Painting /100g

20 000 Ft

For extra hair not purchased at iHair (/100g)

+5 000 Ft


hair extension

Why choose us?

  1. thousands of satisfied customers' hairs have been extended
  2. You can choose from a lot of extra hair, we'll definitely find what you need
  3. we offer a complete guarantee of the extra hair and the work carried out.
  4. precisely insert the spare hair, which is guaranteed not to fall
  5. we take care of your own hair, which will grow faster thanks to the hair with extra hair

We have been extending our hair since 2012, and since then many of our customers have decided that they still do not need hair extensions because their own hair has reached the desired length. Our primary objective is to help you in this. We'll take care of your hair under the hair. After a few years of hair extension, even the shortest hair grows to the waist, so after a while the extra hair can be left.