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Our replacement hair is selected according to the highest expectations. Visit our collectors in person and select the finest hair extensions.

These are extra hairthey are guaranteed to be freshly cut from a head (1 lump from a donor), have the same filament direction, are unpainted and have a long life.

We give you 10% off your purchase of 100 grams extra hair!

Here are the 100 grams of hair

The raw pigs are disinfected by ourselves and then imported into Hungary. The customs clearance procedure shall include the release for free circulation obtained from the ÁNTSZ, which shall be attached to each consignment of hair.

In Hungary, extra hair is further graded by length and texture, and then processed (threaded with a sewing machine specially developed for this purpose). Processed hair is depigmented (bleached) and then trimmed or sewed on to the needs of our customers.

There are two ways to make tufted hair, depending on the type of hair extension technique you use:

for micro ring technology cylindrical (shoelaces),

while using heat-fitting hair extensions flat folds  prepared.

Handmade with the best and most durable heat-melt adhesive: kristálykeratinnal.

Our bleaching technology is very gentle and does not damage the hair structure. Like our brown hair, our hairs are at least 2 years long. Each of our blonde hairs is subjected to a follow-up inspection after depigmentation to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with the replacement hair they have purchased.

We serve both individuals (retail) and companies (wholesale), tailoring our product range to meet emerging needs. In our retail department, you can find color-dyed head-to-head hair and easily order your replacement hair. We recommend our wholesale site for professional users, here you will find more options for ordering hair extensions and buying natural / raw pigtails.

If you really want high quality replacement hair with a guarantee, a reliable background, choose our hair!

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(100 grams of color dyed hair, for individuals)
(for professional use by hair extensions and hairdressers)
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