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Tresszelt póthaj - 10 gramm ♥ hosszú élettartam - iHair Póthaj Webshop
Tresszelt póthaj - 10 gramm ♥ hosszú élettartam - iHair Póthaj Webshop
Tresszelt póthaj - 10 gramm ♥ hosszú élettartam - iHair Póthaj Webshop
Tresszelt póthaj - 10 gramm ♥ hosszú élettartam - iHair Póthaj Webshop
Tresszelt póthaj - 10 gramm ♥ hosszú élettartam - iHair Póthaj Webshop
Tresszelt póthaj - 10 gramm ♥ hosszú élettartam - iHair Póthaj Webshop
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Shaved extensions -10 grams ♥ long life

6 000 Ft

Looking for European-quality hair extensions? We have the best price, immediate delivery, 30-day buy-back or exchange warranty.

The high-quality, freshly cut, soft touch and beautiful, stressed extensions can be taken over immediately in our store or sent to you free of charge by courier service tomorrow. The delivery fee for purchases above 20000 Ft is charged by our company, otherwise 999 Ft is the delivery.

You can select product options below. If you want to buy a hundred grams, put ten in the basket.

Ask us your questions with confidence: 06 30 526 56 72

Our stylish European-quality hair may be purchased at any time over a 50-70 centimeter length in dark brown, light brown, dark blond, light blonde and platinum blond (352,5, 8, 10,12). If you don't want stressed hair, there's a way you can buy Nathan's braids or hair extensions from us. We keep all the hair extensions we have in stock at all times, so delivery's extra fast, take over immediately.

These strained hairs were freshly cut a few weeks ago, and we guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with the product. If for some reason you don't like it, for example, the texture is not good enough (wavy or straight enough) or the color is not right for you, we will immediately replace it with another hair substitute. We'll make the exchange, and all you have to do is repack the hair extensions and tell us on the phone that you want to change, and we'll send a messenger to pick it up, and if you do, we'll ask you to put a note on what was wrong with the hair and attach the note to the counter.

This strained weave was processed from the finest quality of naturchin bran. We sell only machine-pressed extensions, which are tailored to specific needs for the appropriate length. It's not raining, the stress is thin, and it's very easy to work with. The extensions are pressed in a long row (on thread) per hundred grams, so their bleaching and dyeing is done with an unprecedented simplicity. One hair comes from a head, so bleaching is guaranteed to be smooth and stainless. Lifetime of stressed naturchin hair with appropriate care: up to three to four years


Beszállítóként nagy hangsúlyt fektetünk arra, hogy póthaj termékeink megbízható és tisztességes körülmények között begyűjtött forrásból származzanak és a begyűjtő partnereink rendes árat fizessenek a levágott hajakért.


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